The third session of the second workers’ Congress of Changzhou Galaxy was grandly held

         On the afternoon of March 12, 2022, the third session of the second workers’ Congress of Changzhou Galaxy was held in the Activity Center. More than 90 employees’ representatives attended the meeting. The meeting is presided over by Party general branch secretary, labor union chairman Han Peng. The conference opened with the solemn national anthem, the company’s general manager Yue Lian made a 2021 annual business report with the theme of “condensing heart and gathering strength for development, deepening reform and entrepreneurship”. Report points out that: In 2021, we have overfulfilled the company’s annual each goal task, performance is greatly improved, the income of the staff is growing steadily, and in 2022, we will further strengthen the core advantages, promote the efficiency of the organization, strengthen the comprehensive management, in order to complete the 2022 target.

          We also heard and deliberated the “Changzhou Galaxy 2021 Labor Union Work Report”, “Changzhou Galaxy 2022 collective Contract resolution” and “Changzhou Galaxy 2022 Scientific and Technological Innovation Collective Contract”. Finally, Han Peng, secretary of the Party general Branch and chairman of the labor Union, proposed that he hoped that all staff representatives would play a good role in their duties, actively publicize and implement the spirit of the conference, and play an important role in realizing the established goals of the company.