Talent recruitment


Galaxy Microelectronics has always adhered to the "People-Oriented" concept of talent


    With the core goal of “enhancing the value of human resources and strengthening the advantages ofspecialization”, we will continue to improve the incentive and restraint mechanisms such as performance management, compensation management and quality improvement, and form a three-in-one talent structure of professional management talents, technical personnel and marketing talents. To provide a growth platform for talent, so that talent has become a strong support for the sustainable development of enterprises, to achieve joint growth and common development of enterprises and talents.
Job responsibilities:
1, Preside over the product’s technology, process research, complete the technical development and improvement work;
2, Responsible for the product’s process plan, process technology design, to solve the product production process problems;
3, Organize product performance analysis, technical feasibility study and evaluation work;
4, Responsible for organizing the preparation of technical manuals, technical standards, process standards, production processes, quality control point guidance and other documents and related technical information management;
5, Responsible for the workshop technical and process work guidance, the first-line technology, quality personnel supervision, assessment;
6, Organize the development of new product research and development project implementation plan and organize the implementation of new product research and development;
7, The organization of production site technical guidance, technical training;
8, In close cooperation with the quality assurance department, analysis and solution of processing technology and production process problems;
9, To complete the leadership of other work.
Job requirements:
1,Full-time undergraduate and above education, electronic information engineering, microelectronics and other science and engineering majors;
2, Familiar with semiconductor knowledge;  3, Work proactive, strong executive power, sense of responsibility, rich in team spirit;
Job responsibilities:
1, Maintain the company’s old customers and find and develop the company’s product target customers; 
2, Participate in the target customer’s technical exchanges;
3, Participate in contract negotiations, bidding and contract signing work; 
4, As the project leader, responsible for the project implementation of the organization and coordination work;
5, Responsible for the contract or agreement to recover sales on time;
6, Responsible for the collection of accounts receivable for the project;
7, To complete the leadership of the task.
Job requirements:
1, Undergraduate, electronic information engineering, electrical automation, marketing and other majors;
2, Aspiring to engage in business sales work, have strong communication skills, cheerful personality;
Job responsibilities:
1, Responsible for the business department equipment daily maintenance, repair and commissioning installation, new equipment / workwear acceptance work;
2, Responsible for timely and efficient diagnosis and resolution of equipment failure;
3, Responsible for assisting the workshop from the point of view of equipment to improve production efficiency and quality;
4, Responsible for commonly used volatile parts spare parts planning;
5, Responsible for equipment production safety and operation safety;
6, Responsible for the operator’s equipment use knowledge and basic security knowledge training;
7, To complete the leadership of other work.
Job requirements:
1, Undergraduate, mechatronics, automation, electrical automation and other science and engineering majors;
2, Solid professional knowledge, but also strong practical ability and flexible thinking, familiar with PLC programming and electrical motor design, master C language; 
3, Work proactive, strong executive power, sense of responsibility, rich in team spirit;
4, Good pressure ability, communication skills, strong organization, coordination ability, can adapt to shift work.
 Job responsibilities:
1,Participate in the design, development and testing of software projects, including software review, code writing, integration testing and other work;
2, To help solve the software project development process of technical problems;
3, Guide the program coder’s programming work;
4, To participate in the enterprise software project technology exchange work;
5, To complete the leadership of other work.
Job requirements:
1, Undergraduate and above education;
2, Proficient in Java programming language;
3, Familiar with Oracle data and PL/SQL language;
4, Familiar with commonly used office software and Windows server, Linux and other operating systems;
5, With a positive work attitude, a sense of responsibility, good presentation, analytical communication and learning skills.