The third session of the first staff and Workers’ Congress of Changzhou Galaxy was held ceremoniously

      At 14pm on March 18th, in the solemn national anthem, the third session of the first staff and workers’ Congress of Changzhou Galaxy was successfully held in the Party and Group Activity Center of electrical appliances. Han Peng, Secretary of the Party Branch and president of the Trade union, Meng Lang, deputy general manager of the company and other leading members and 105 employee representatives attended the meeting. Mr. Liu Jun, general manager of the company, was invited to attend the congress.
At the meeting, the staff representatives first reviewed and adopted the “Changzhou Galaxy third congress of the Bureau and special group members resolution”.
       Next, Mr. Liu Jun, general manager, delivered the “2022 Business Report”. The report is divided into two parts: mission completion in 2022 and overall work deployment in 2023. Regarding the completion of the tasks in 2022, Mr. Liu Jun, the general manager, pointed out that 2022 is an extraordinary year. Under the leadership of the board of directors, the company’s management and all employees responded flexibly to the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus. In the company’s main sales market: IT information products, consumer electronics power adapters/chargers, home appliances and other demands have been significantly impacted and the results of annual business targets have been depressed. In the past two years, vehicle gauge products and MOS products have borne fruit after active efforts by the market, customers and products. In 2022, vehicle gauge products and MOS products have achieved a gratifying situation of doubling or even above. It lays a solid foundation for the company to continue to optimize the product structure and enhance the development momentum.
      At the same time, Mr. Liu Jun, the general manager, put forward that 2023 is the third year of the company’s science and technology innovation board listing, is the year of development, recovery growth is the top priority, product structure optimization, key product doubling (vehicle regulation, MOS, TVS/ voltage regulation) is the top priority. All these will be of practical significance to the development of the company in 2023~2025~2028. The company’s management team will be under the active leadership of the board of directors to extend ideas, pioneering and innovative, driving the company’s staff to continue to around the “core together for development, deepening reform and entrepreneurship” of the overall requirements to do planning, and strive to achieve the 2023 business target plan.
      Then, Mr. Han Peng, chairman of the Trade union, also made the Changzhou Galaxy Trade Union 2022 Annual Work Report. During the meeting, employee representatives also reviewed the “Changzhou Galaxy 2023 Collective Contract”, “Changzhou Galaxy 2023 Collective Contract for Science and Technology Innovation” and other conference documents.

      The success of this congress is a milestone in the process of democratic management of the company. The meeting successfully completed various agendas and tasks, achieved the desired effect, and raised the company’s democratic management to a higher level and level.